Accessing e-Form RS

Accessing e-Form RS directly:

  1. If you installed a desktop or start menu icon, double click it. If not, click Start > Programs > Thomson Reuters > e-Form RS.
    The e-Form RS login page is displayed.
  2. Here, enter your Account Number, User Name and Password and click Login.
    e-Form RS will remember your account number and user name the next time you login from the same computer.

Accessing e-Form RS via Checkpoint:

  1. Log in to Checkpoint using your Username and Password at
  2. From the Tools menu, navigate to and click e-Form RS in the left navigation panel.
    The e-Form RS screen is displayed in a new browser window.
  3. Click Continue to launch a browser session.
  4. To launch e-Form RS, click Continue on the e-Form RS Pass Thru page that is displayed.
  5. If e-Form RS is not installed on your computer, clicking Continue in the previous step will prompt you to install the application.