Welcome to the Checkpoint MyAccount Training Home Page!

This space provides a central location to quickly find registration help, learn about the new Checkpoint MyAccount features, find answers to questions and view a demonstration of Checkpoint MyAccount.

What is Checkpoint MyAccount?

Checkpoint MyAccount is a place to review your account balances, invoices, track shipments, make payments, and see the firm’s Active Product Holdings (subscription list).

You can also manage users' access to Checkpoint MyAccount.

All first time users of Checkpoint MyAccount must complete the registration process. Once registration is complete, you can sign in to Checkpoint MyAccount with your OnePass ID and access other Thomson Reuters OnePass enabled sites such as ProView, the Tax & Accounting e-Store and many other Thomson Reuters sites.

Please refer to the links below which will help you with the registation process:

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View a short Checkpoint MyAccount Training Demo

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Click the image to view the demo.